Here's the full explanation. I think it's about time that the users of #mapping finally get up and piece together a small project. Originally I was just going to have everyone make a small map and connect all of them to release it. As I talked to redhood, however, it got a little more detailed, and now its going to end up as an organized map.

We are going to make the Svencoop Forums as a map.

Now, if you think we're just going to make some huge brush with a picture of the svencoop forums on them, you're wrong. Each forum will be an individual room or area. Mostly one mapper per forum. We are going for the main forums that a lot of people use. Not all of them. That would just clutter everything up. The idea is to let the mapper imagine the forum as a specific area. It is suggested that you use the forum's name, the topics in it, the members that regularly visit it, and its moderators to create a picture in you mind of what it would look like as a room. The mapper will then create the room that he or she has imagined. No matter how crazy or outrageous the idea is, and as long as it doesn't involve something that you wouldn't want your parents to see, it should be made. Redhood's example of the Art forums is a large destroyed theater in the middle of the slums. Hydeph's idea of the map showcase was a big donut shaped shop with Otis selling maps behind the counter.

The maps will be connected to the HQ via some sort of teleporters. The teleporters have not been decided yet, but redhood and I are extremely fond of the idea of having the players dive in to paintings of that area.

In the HQ, the players will be dispatched to certain forums that report a problem. A 'forum status' monitor will show which forums are having problems, and the players will have to go to that forum and destroy whatever the problem is. Problems include things like smiley stories, spam, and moderators that have lost their minds and are terrorizing the forums.

It is recommended that the maps do not include outdoor areas and are not unnecessarily large. Less that one fourth of the grid, people, don't go crazy.

The mapper does not determine what problem their map will face unless they request it to have a certain problem. Otherwise, the problems in the forums will be left up to and inserted by the project leaders. Allies will also be inserted by the leaders, and will include people like forum moderators and regular members.

This page will be regularly updated with new information for the mappers. Questions should be directed to JPolito and possibly redhood.

It is also recommended that you tell JPolito which forum you plan to make and what you plan to make in it. Try to make it big enough to fight something in, otherwise it ruins the point. Also, if you do not inform someone of which forum you want to make, it might be taken by someone else, and then we would either have to connect the two or fight over it.

Please submit ideas to redhood and JPolito, it will help us make progress and updates. The clearer this is to everyone, the better it will turn out.

Forums that are currently taken:

HQ - Currently accepting ideas for this map
Off-Topic - Collective [Anyone can map something for it]
Fan Fiction / Artwork - redhood
Work in Progress - The-Fox [Currently being finished by JPolito]
Rules and Notices - ProgramZeta
Death Row - hydeph
Server Hole - Qwerty
General Discussion - PoliceLT
Sven Co-op News - The-Fox
Any other popular forum is up for grabs.


Just a quick note here. Outdoor areas are highly discouraged. If you are going to make one, do not add scenery to the background or sky, such as buildings and things. It will end up being way too big. Custom textures, models, and sounds ARE ALLOWED, but they must be kept AT A MINIMUM. I highly encourage mappers to use halflife.wad. If you plan to use custom sounds, make sure they aren't of huge file size. I really don't see a use for custom sounds either.

Also, another note, keep your maps as an OPEN AREA. It has to be big enough for combat. If you plan to use hallways, make them rather large. If your map does not look the way we want it to, one of us will 'fix it'. This means either re-doing it with sort of the same idea or just making it look correct. We will notify you before this if this actually happens to give you the opportunity to correct it yourself.

When making these maps, another reminder, use you full imagination. Come up with the craziest picture in your head to make the map you are assigned to. If you can't think of something, ask in #mapping. We've all had some excellent ideas for several forums, but as of now the maps are all based on what the mapper wants.

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