This is a complete collection of every signature I have ever used on any forum. Enjoy.

Sven Co-op
HL Mapping


    This is all just a bunch of crap from when I was in a SvenCoop clan. The Void was a world created by the leaders, me and some other guy, to give the clan a purpose. No time to explain.

    Here you can see that I'm getting tired of using the same retarded slogan over and over. Note how they usually ask a strange question. (You can thank Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography for that one. Genius book.) -

    There was a break in the clan for about five minutes so I made a new signature -

     Entmod hate bandwagon (loal) -


     Quote from Fahrenheit 451 (by Ray Bradbury) (Also note that the next five signatures are made out of screenshots from the horrible book to movie conversion of Fahrenheit 451.) -

     I became quite intrigued by One Hour Photo after I saw it. I don't know why. -

     2004 April Fools joke. Good times. -

     I became a rebel of the Richard Boderman army. -

     El Gringo made this and asked me to animate it for him. If it weren't for him I would probably have never became a mapper just to make my JPRF maps. -

     I had a nightmare about oil wells. -

     Made this to counter-act Puchi and Gringo's signatures. I would have put them up if I knew how to get to them. -

     Thus begins my obsession with world domination. -

     One of the best signatures I've ever made. -

     El Gringo was banned for making a similar signature to counter-act Roland's stupid signature that said "Your parents are wrong, Roland is right.", so I made this and PMed people to use it all over the forums. I was immediately banned, but I got a lot of people to use it. Then the moderators yelled at Roland in the admin forums and he left forever. Awesome. -

     Image displaying how I caused a forum mutiny after Roland left. El Gringo's was funnier. -

     My obsession with Pink Floyd - The Wall -

     [anguish] figured this would be a good idea for a signature. One of the few times he was right. -


     Concept art of how Kain looks in my mind. (Not the original size) -

     I played monopoly a lot with Gringo and Puchi. Mister moneybags. -

     Advertisements for the Richard_Boderman map that JJ45 and I were working on before releasing them. Note how the lighting is ten times darker than it is in the final map. -

     Advertisements for the finally released Richard_Boderman map. -

     I love Deus Ex. Best single player first person shooter ever made. -

     My cousin Ryan asked me to make him a signature because he liked mine so much. He wouldn't give me any requests so I made one without any of his ideas. He didn't like it. -


     Salamé! -

     Colored Easter egg with my alter ego written on the side. -

     Stay in school and stay focused. -

     Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres. -

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