JukkaJokinen45: did you know im gay?
MrJPolito: actually you told me
JukkaJokinen45: I only recently came out of the closet
MrJPolito: a couple years ago
MrJPolito: what have you been doing for the past THREE MONTHS
JukkaJokinen45: fucking my father
MrJPolito: the jig is up
MrJPolito: how did you steal the password
JukkaJokinen45: what password
MrJPolito: was there a port open?
MrJPolito: are you the same fag who took the steam account?
JukkaJokinen45: wtf are u talking about
MrJPolito: did you take the MSN account too?
MrJPolito: or are there more people
JukkaJokinen45: any attempt to stop me and ill take your shit too
MrJPolito: orly
JukkaJokinen45: hahah
JukkaJokinen45: what do u think thatll help
MrJPolito: do i think what will help
JukkaJokinen45: trying to protect ur ports
JukkaJokinen45: cus i already see all ure doing with ur pc
JukkaJokinen45 wants to directly connect.
MrJPolito declines request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
MrJPolito: ahem
MrJPolito: why would i accept a direct connection
MrJPolito: with you
JukkaJokinen45: It helps your protect yourself from me
MrJPolito: hahaha
JukkaJokinen45: Trust me
MrJPolito: do you think im that fucking dumb
MrJPolito: you prick
MrJPolito: are you familiar with mIRC
JukkaJokinen45: why I see you are using it
MrJPolito: what else am i using then
JukkaJokinen45: i dont need your ports anymore
JukkaJokinen45: its all automated now
MrJPolito: what else am i using
JukkaJokinen45: at least nothing sufficient ROFL
JukkaJokinen45: better to keep up the tension
MrJPolito: no
MrJPolito: you see
MrJPolito: you're lying
JukkaJokinen45: no
JukkaJokinen45 signed off at 6:58:48 PM.
JukkaJokinen45 signed on at 7:00:46 PM.
MrJPolito: JJ45
MrJPolito: is it really you ;_;?
JukkaJokinen45: hi
JukkaJokinen45: yes
MrJPolito: say what i said in IRC
MrJPolito: oh
MrJPolito: okay
MrJPolito: <3