MrAcevedo13: hey died you ask your mom
MrAcevedo13: your mom
MrAcevedo13: hello
ChinchillaChill: HELLO
MrAcevedo13: hey
MrAcevedo13: chin
MrAcevedo13: call my cell
ChinchillaChill: who are you
MrAcevedo13: steven
ChinchillaChill: you have the wrong AIM account
MrAcevedo13: 973 349 4921 yea right
ChinchillaChill: yeah
ChinchillaChill: i am right
MrAcevedo13: trevor call my cell 973 349 4521
ChinchillaChill: i am not trevor
MrAcevedo13: yea you r
ChinchillaChill: prove it
MrAcevedo13: you want to buy a chinchilla travor really stop it come on
ChinchillaChill: er
ChinchillaChill: ive had this name for many years now
ChinchillaChill: and
ChinchillaChill: i assure you
MrAcevedo13: and pulse you type it in
ChinchillaChill: i am not your friend trevor
MrAcevedo13: call my cell
ChinchillaChill: you might want to find his real AIM account
ChinchillaChill: otherwise
ChinchillaChill: he isnt going to call you
MrAcevedo13: F*** you
ChinchillaChill: okay
MrAcevedo13: i will call you then
ChinchillaChill: good idea
MrAcevedo13: ythgmn,.lk/l[
MrAcevedo13: hjh
ChinchillaChill: ffffffff
MrAcevedo13: jk
MrAcevedo13: j
MrAcevedo13: lmk,
MrAcevedo13: jm
MrAcevedo13: kjmolkolkokl
ChinchillaChill: ENGLISH
MrAcevedo13: kolkokkokokkokokokk
MrAcevedo13: okokokokokokokkokkokokokokkookookoookook
MrAcevedo13: jnj
MrAcevedo13: hjuhnjhnj'
MrAcevedo13: ';l.,
MrAcevedo13: mlk;mjn
ChinchillaChill: what WHAT WHAT
MrAcevedo13: n
MrAcevedo13: mkljnh
MrAcevedo13: jnh]'njiukn'
ChinchillaChill: WHAT
MrAcevedo13: jnjnoino]
MrAcevedo13: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
MrAcevedo13: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
MrAcevedo13: lp[;pppppppppppppppppppp
MrAcevedo13: pppppppppppp
MrAcevedo13: ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
ChinchillaChill: okay
MrAcevedo13: hey
MrAcevedo13: fattass'
ChinchillaChill: sup
ChinchillaChill: babe
MrAcevedo13: fuck you
MrAcevedo13: ass hole
ChinchillaChill: i will
MrAcevedo13: jikogh
MrAcevedo13: nh'jujhnlij
MrAcevedo13: tgy'h/ji
MrAcevedo13: h
MrAcevedo13: hju
MrAcevedo13: nhj n'h
ChinchillaChill: did you call trevor yet
MrAcevedo13: fuck you
MrAcevedo13: fuck you
ChinchillaChill: yeah
ChinchillaChill: you said that
MrAcevedo13: fuck you
ChinchillaChill: like four times
ChinchillaChill: it signifies nothing
MrAcevedo13: 3 times asshole
MrAcevedo13: what is your real name
ChinchillaChill: why am I the asshole
ChinchillaChill: and why should i tell you
MrAcevedo13: cfl;o/hljkunh./h
ChinchillaChill: i could make something up
ChinchillaChill: like Juan Valdez
MrAcevedo13: am going to block you
ChinchillaChill: go ahead im not stopping you
ChinchillaChill: you messaged me after all